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Global Surrogacy Services

You have questions, we have answers.
We support you on your path to becoming a parent by connecting you to verified p
roviders and supporting you from start to finish on your family-building journey.

Dear Intended Parents,

For some of us, starting a family isn’t as straightforward as we imagined. The options are endless and overwhelming. Accessing credible information to make your decision and even knowing the right questions to ask can be daunting and stressful. 

The Fertility & Family experienced team takes the time to understand your individual needs and provide you with the education you need to choose the best providers to guide you on your family-building journey.

Our process starts with a complimentary consultation, so we can understand your family-building goals, your timelines, and your budget before we create a customized plan to take you forward.

We look forward to working with you to build your family.




Modern Family
Proud Father

Why Choose Us?

We aim to educate Intended Parents to know that regardless of the challenges, becoming a parent is possible.


We want to empower them to make intelligent decisions about their surrogacy and egg donation journeys fueled by highly researched, unbiased, up-to-date information.


We want them to connect with Clinics and Agencies that deliver success with a focus on safety, ethics, and support for Intended Parents, Egg Donors, and Surrogates who participate in this journey.


And with our help, this is possible.

About Us


Helping you become a parent is what we are all about.


Whether you need IVF, Egg Donation, or Surrogacy to get you there, we are here to guide you. Through our challenging family-building personal journeys, we found and grew a passion for helping others with theirs.


With over 12 years of experience working with IVF Clinics, Surrogacy, and Egg Donation programs across the globe, Founder Ella McNamara became frustrated with the limited options for Intended Parents to access unbiased, credible information to make decisions about how to proceed on their important journey.


We wanted to create something better.

How It Works

We ensure you are supported from the beginning to the end


Discuss your personal circumstances and goals with your F&F Consultant


Our experienced team works to evaluate the options and create a personalised plan to meet your goals


Your F&F Consultant provides you with a written plan, takes you through the options and answers your questions


We connect you with the vetted, experienced providers who will play a crucial role in your journey to parenthood


The F&F team provide the support you need throughout your journey and beyond


Meet Our Founder

Ella McNamara

Founder and Director, Parent through IVF

Ella McNamara, based in Australia, is dedicated to assisting international Intended Parents to understand their global surrogacy and egg donation options. F&F also connects Intended Parents with experienced clinics and agencies to help them reach their parenthood goals. Through the wonder of IVF, Ella is the mother of 2 boys.

Despite her IVF success, the hopelessness and helplessness she experienced in receiving her infertility diagnosis never left her, so she entered the fertility industry to help find solutions for people sharing the same feelings. Ella spent two years working for a Not-for-Profit organization producing international events for Intended Parents looking to understand their surrogacy options. She then worked for a US Fertility Clinic for five years, helping international patients connect with the clinic and agencies to fulfill their parenting dreams.

Since 2020, Ella has worked as a consultant as the Director of Fertility & Family, assisting international Intended Parents build their families and navigating the additional challenges COVID created for International IPs.

We are a proud member of ASRM and SEEDS

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